Schulberg Demkiw Architects recently sponsored an Art installation Exhibition for Greer Taylor at MARS Gallery. Greer is a local artist who believes that her sculptures are an exploration of how physical objects occupy space, and exist in space.

Intrusion explores elemental joining systems, to expose base principles of forming space. The combination of stacking, wrapping, weaving, and natural tensions of silicon string within this sculpture allowed the observer to experience an array of tessellated spaces as they moved around the room.

The idea’s explored in “Intrusion” emulates principals of architecture; structure, form making, volume, void, space and light.

The universe is an agglomeration of repeated elements: from leaves on a tree to breaths in a life, to the photons in a light wave. In our digital world ‘zero’ and ‘one’ are the repeated elements that describe all information

zero&one uses repetition and difference, together with simple shapes and transparency as a means to explore space, how we define space and how we exist within it. Repetition is also a means to explore change – from the space between the elements to the threshold between the states within a repetitive sequence: on/off, night/day, life/death… to evolution over time. In exploring existence the beauty, inevitability and challenge of change are ever present.

– Greer Taylor

If you wish to see more of Greer’s work please follow the link below: